intestine and uterus. The merit of the sugar solution consists in the

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I have also used solution of magnesium suljihat 25 per

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ramifications of the subject may be traced back to their germ

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logical and pathological departments. Cultures were made from the sputum

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Bert but completely confirmed by Pasteur In November 1877

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blood Wassermann. This always retained a high potentiality

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such a diagnosis might possibly be made. A knowledge or history of

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A sinus of this nature being formed the condition may persist for

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centre which at the margins changes to dulness. To secure this the

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luhem Braun 1901g 945 in Pipra rupricola 1901h 702 1902b 102 103 fig.

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heaving and distinctly expansile pulsations. The radiating pain in the

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After whooping cough the hyperthyroidism increased and she

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is more difficult to draw the line where the phenomena cease to

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posure of one hour. Rapid sterilization has been accom

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Medical Service program facilities and staffing. The findings of this panel

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In great debility diphtheria exhaustion from haemorrhage etc.

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lesions which the lingual and oesophageal symptoms of sprue

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predispose to superficial caries. So also as elements in the injured

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great variety of symptoms which in consequence in their

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was obtained by the use of the modified sodium glycocholate reagent.

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deficiency. The treatment is usually purely local con

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centage of carbonic acid gas the temperature the humidity and possibly

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of the sacrum reaches its maximum in the white race especially

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the first cancinoma medullare or soft cancer of the second and Scirrhus

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ends in death. When bony case does not enlarge there are neces

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or at least remember how silly I was before I became Surgeon General.

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tongue to be hampered alike the paresis of those ancillary to

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my mind as to the nature of the trouble. No doubt earlier


that anterior lavage e irly in the disease was a cure even if

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In some cases of rape on young children the violence is extreme.

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Some three or four years ago on searching through the

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ward and the subject becomes more and more dull stupid and

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expert veterinarian must be fully and definitely instructed in ex

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the Royal Navy for eleven years was admitted to liospital

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Thus the former states that the organ is inflamed the blood

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can confirm what was said by Morrow that active remedies are

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putrid pleurisy with gas. May and Gebhart 1 and Finley

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use such remedies in a fluid form for when necessary powerful com

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pital that the proportion of failures was so great.

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rhino pharyngeal cavities may very well overtire his

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difficulty. But in the partial cases there may be much difficulty. Cere

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to swell the head of hospital staffs while attenuating the

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of the facial muscles while bony union is taking place

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gentleman aged fourteen who was residing at a boarding school in the

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they pervade the body rapidly and get carried off readily they

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poverty Dr. Murray s report seems to show this conclusively nor

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