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since the beginning of 1917 and at the request of the

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ing membrane and by the transparency and freedom from smell

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Medicine for the Southwest Pacific Theater under the

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very heavily infected districts in the Punjab and in the Bombay

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joint is exposed and the extent and situation of the

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general arrangements for the benefit of students include

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Symptoms. Like all anatomical modifications of the lumen of the

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inquiries will find that the book abounds in hints for

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a well as bacteriological studies show that cerebro spinal meningitis is related

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times its volume of ammonia. The salts of ammonia are divided into

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in both of which diseases the expulsion of false mem

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Adams Francis AretcBUS works translated Hippocrates works

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reaction possible such as the loss of a husband father or friend by

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not even if tube casts be present. Thus the common febrile albuminuria

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Confinements are taken for 5.00 and other work is in pro

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question lead to the inference that such dilatation is always a more or

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in the College Hall. Before the company sat down to dinner

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Tln frnit of iMuniculum capillaceum Gilbert nat ord.

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the ordinary witness. ISTeither public policy the inter

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that he had in his possession immense wealth in the shape of

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In ptriproctitis with ischiorectal abscess the treatment is the same as

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Demonstrator of Physiology in the University of Edin

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cous membrane. Other salinca may be used but none are so effective

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of equal note drain only a small per cent. Why is this Is

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Take a pound of red rofc buds cleared of their beds

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is very difficult sometimes to conduct a satisfactory cysto

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occur and the globe would act as an imperfect heat engine the work

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lepsy but that the chill was an essential cause of the

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logical physiology and its copious bibliography makes the litera

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blood. There is a considerable infiltration of leuco

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Complete History of the case of the Welsh Fasting Girl

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udder as it docs in muscle. The so called meatiness depends on the

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for 1910 being in the hands of the binders have not been

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smooth rouncfed and tirni. There is no sign of recent disease. The

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certain attainable limits. That in the art of surgery

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speedy recovery. Finally it is of great significance that

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mortem are often but not always positive. Intravital

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Hannah Lillian Todd bindery assistant Helen Katherine Kreps Thomas

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passing into anorexia or we may have the anorexia without any craving.

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right hypochondrium yields the usual dulness. There was no increase

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of the uterus as compared to the process after delivery at term. The

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Tlie doctor patient ridiculed the idea but decided to

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found no other drug or combination of drugs which interferes

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and the groins by a sense of uneasiness and prea gt

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to sajr witb coofuleoce wbnt laodificatioD of tJic voice will natunHy fol

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with hanging. The fact that Daft Jamie a harmless imbecOe

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The ear applied misses the normal friction sound but detects a

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affinities. Tests in vivo viz. in guineapigs and rab

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At the same Meeting of the Council the following resolution on the

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excess of those salts which give hardness to a water are

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planation of natural phenomena but a philosopher such as he

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general process of assimilation sets in tending toward a complete

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large quantities of the vegetable acids and boric acid tend to

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tended to many of the city s best known families. A musicale

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malady during which the l reathing becomes hot and frequent the ears

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were sent to Fort Weeber and Dr. Jackson was informed by Surgeon

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be in a position to say to the insured person V c should

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is one reason for failure in the operations already performed. I hope

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tinually they read the long accounts in the advertisements

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field is now a favorable one for necrosis this often

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country. This has occurred from the fact that it is impossiVile

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reiuaiuing 10 patients in whom no bacterial infection

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in the interior of the ovaries and subsequently extending attacking the

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Essays and Orations with an account of the opening ot the

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aponeurosis of llie external olilique from which tlie

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Scripture injunction with regard to medicine that it is more blessed to give

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attacks simulating angina. As mentioned the effusion is usually plastic

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Respecting the question of Association scholarships to which the Pre

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dred Vesicular and Pustular Lesions of the Skin with a

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diagrams in the text and 134 full page half tone illustrations from

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