with two pieces similar to those of the ovigerous female of the Psoroptcs

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reliable apposition of the edges of the wound. In the

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left apex is found clear the right a little cloudy.

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the questions of the advisability of operating upon a patient wathout his

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At the head of the list stand psychical impressions of the

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The death is announced of Dr. William Squire at the

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sciences the principles of which are believed to be applicable to the

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then transferred to the surgeon for permanent opening and drainage.

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ilow of fluid is suddenly arrested. This accident is recognized by a

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town from four or five to forty or fifty cases. Not

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opinion GuitSras does not entirely agree. A portion of the re

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observer that the country could ever become rehabilitated.

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impairment of vision and hearing a chronic inflammatory process

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crease in intensity. In parts unfavorably constituted

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serious symptoms and to the sutures employed Senn s approxima

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the spirit and soul by which these parts are appreciable. And it being

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it will often suddenly return several weeks after it has been appa

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of Dantzig gives the result of the examination of thirty pupils of

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and thickened strong scented roots and opposite simple or pinnate

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inches it is probably the drawing on a reduced scale

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mirror is as neces sjiry in determining the nature of any

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I the fact that in twenty nine out of forty two cases of

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and the contents of the flasks are then in condition for the

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which they adhered to the tree and frequently soiled bj adhering frag

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first for a short period then for a longer period and more

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Wounds by sponges steeped in a chlorinated solution on the treatmeot

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one of the fourteen animals did agglutinins occur all the others being

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sitting down and rising the peculiar effort to effect a voluntary

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Insignificant tubercular foci were found in a few instances but

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for many years his practice had been when the temperature of a patient

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way to settle the matter is to decide it for yourself. The man

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surroundings careless and irregular milking and inflation oj the

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Ergebnisse der TJntersuchung mit dem Augenspiegel unter

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supervise the care of the infant during the attendance of the

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Neque audiendus est qui nobis objiciet haec.quae retulimus

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Wise Peter M. past present and prospective methods of the treatment of

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tient of the force by the acceleration These difficulties are insur

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Tlie doctor patient ridiculed the idea but decided to

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shire to consider the improvement of their own horulem black cattle and in

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About this time very large horses were imported into England

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medicine has long faithfully and usefully been in the field not of

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promptly and easily instituted had the granular sensitive lobe and

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Capsule or pod ovoid globose two valved many seeded.

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rris T amp v aBtafmp cV iercXyci ayaorpcN s et alibi saepe. POTT.

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Society Prince Leopold very strongly referred to the need for reform

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Balfour and which owes a great deal to the generous aid

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absorbent cotton over the wax and dropping some more

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of the aggregates themselves. The process is purely analytical but it

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possesses the distinguishing character of a muscle

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respiratory excursion of the lung into this space is found to be absent.

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at the bifurcation of a vessel the blood current is not completely interrupted

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One case only produced anything approaching a positive result. An

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Etiology. The disease occurs most frequently in middle aged males

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commissural vessels but from several the sulco commissural arteries

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tion of solid nitrate of silver swabbing with tincture of iodine. Excision

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Sometimes it is necessary to use hot alcohol to cleanse

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three times the axillary and the humeral in the upper quarter

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anatomical secretory or other functional abnormality

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fifty five to fifty nine years. In colored female population it is 241

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Fig. v Scininnl vefticle and Hmiuilla of tlic vu ftttowing tlic df

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apparatus in the brain worker at his desk or the needlewoman at

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the zinc plate not properly amalgamated and the con

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nota preliminare. Rovellasca Como 12 Lnglio 1888. Beilriuje znr Ktnntniss des

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the ear becomes accustomed to their presence they may be worn during

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sarcoma of the femur by injection of the lluid which bears his name.

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investigators who have done so much in eliminating erroneous

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to produce severe sequelae while affluence efficient nursing and fresh air

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path without aoy effort of their own. They were never

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the term physical anthropology the anthropology of many writers for

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diminution in the cardiac rate only lasts for a short time when

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to super alimentation in this manner continued without

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bathing are furnished to guests. There is also a plunge

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of the tongue as many cases are preceded by leucoma or

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the whole body. Added to these we have a rich and melodious

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free to disregard the views of the collectors of the facts with which

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ductive methods of teaching. It was practically a unanimous convic

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specialities culled extensively and intensively fiom modern

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multiples et predominance unilaterale NouveUe iconographie de la Salpetri re

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abdominal wall. Its prongs should reach the deep epigastric

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