Hodgkin s disease. Although much enlarged it is firm in texture

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The sutures permit of some expansion and Abels thinks that this

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talis recovered and gave no evidence of subsequent ill effects from

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brane requiring treatment as such and the center should never be

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out by being brought in contact with an ordinary slide but is mounted

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Tubercular Bacilli itself in the nasal fossa which may

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even suspect the existence of any other complaint and therefore

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perfect digestion may be derived from nucleo proteid metabolism

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No illness appeared until two days out at which time several cases

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ings under the integuments of the knee and a foul offensive dis

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The types of pneumococcus which were found in l lo d cultures

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or blackish papules or by diffuse cancerous infiltration of the in

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feeble or six months later if somewhat stronger or even years

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Avtopsy. BronchopneunK nia in hing the right ui per middle

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and chest above the second rib anteriorly and the spine of the

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what brings the patient to examination. In the ery late stages there

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genital organs include a muscular vagina an uterus two oviducts and

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thus be diminished to the extent of many inches although the length

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give relief Liniments are of most use when the trouble is mild

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tion takes place and later the movement of the mouth often irritates

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of importance has been added to our knowledge of the disease.

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fibrinous pleurisy per cent. Pleural effusions and empyemas

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little is absorbed this will l e cumulati e. P urthermore once enough

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and sudden concussions and their mechanism is so adjusted

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Very often the cyanosis came on suddenly in patients who had

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The common seminal or ejaculatory ducts two in number are

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joint pain very great are common with heavy ptomaine ex

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agent. Furthermore there are probably milder and somewhat

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cells of the rete Maipighi in papular eruptions through which he

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restricted. It is necessary to mention this because there seems to

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in leukcemia lymphatic and in Hodgkin s disease and the morbid

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are rare. Lesser degrees of collapse are probably connnon but

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and parietal eminences leads to what may be regarded as the typical

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