and sweating gradually disappear by bathing the parts with boro
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Aspiration has proved of distinct value although at the best a
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have stated that owing to stretching of the pericranium the bone
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wrists and right knee became swollen red and tender. There was
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was a gangrenous area on the pericardium contiguous to a gangren
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of lead from the system is increased during its exhibition is doubtful.
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signs of danger. Slowing is most common and usually caused by carbon
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malted milk or beef juice the entire body should be bathed
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suspicion of infection is always aroused in spite of the absence
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to cold is great and its consequences easily become serious. Treat
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improved hygiene but owing to the difficulty of overcoming native
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Has had severe cough from the beginning and raised a good deal of
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A small amount of the acid added to pepsin increases its sol
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region this in the light of later findings may have been due either
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eral of them showed small early metastases taking origin from the
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degree of anorexia and often profuse sweating. Abnormal sig is in
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Present Illness. Began with cough and expectoration following
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there is of the lung appears necrotic and atelectatic. This large
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efforts on the part of the infant consequent on enfeebled muscles
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toxccmic states as certain of the infective and septic fevers and in
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it the bipf lar diplomorphus hemoseptic bacillus. Somewhat
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poison the nervous system which is speedily relieved by a
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Post mortem appearances. These consist almost entirely
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exclusive of the rheumatic gonorrhceal tuberculous syphilitic and
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cultures as described above. Three of the plates also showed hemo
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Offending tonsils or teeth should be removed and the pregnant condition
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emergency operations. In emergencies such as tubal pregnancy or
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As to the cure of tuberculosis v e would merely state that
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prolonged wasting diseases. In such cases local conditions may

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