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cal changes in one or more joints cerebrospinal meningitis.

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Locally after it has been ascertained to exist by a careful

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skin of the forehead. Although thyroid extract produces marked

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of sodium will often abort these distressing attacks. Here it is

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of kephaline in quinine or bark nux vomica strychnine and

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This is an invaluable remedy for inhalation in asthma and

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when the patient had what was termed a cold. If the process

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or lesser amount into the pleural cavities took place so frequently

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All tissues are severed to the rectal wall except the sphincter of the

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state that they are due to the differences in raw products which

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duced by an intense inflammation and effusion of germs.

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noon temperature is not uncommon in the older bronchiectatics

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or fever. We find it most readily developed in those previously

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of complete physiological inactivity and absence of food in the upper

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basis an anatomical element the cell to which all these processes

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The separation of cases of leukaemia into at least two distinct

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GonorrJica. This is essentially a specific form of inflammation

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is applied in the morning limb to be bathed first with soap and

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organic material and of using such organic material both as

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three classes of salts the neutral urates cannot exist in the living

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These cutaneous petechias or vibices have their homologues in the

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throat cultures in cases and obtahied the following results

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every night well rubbed and then the ozonized extract of witch

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bayberry and stone crop intermediate between the two. It is

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The eruptive fevers are deprived of all their malignancy and

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frecjuently precedes the formation of syringomyelic cavities which

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metria in washing out the uterine cavity and rendering it

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but as a whole variations of as much as between the morning

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ostosis may slowly spread to those of the cranium or the disease

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Symptoms. Almost always the first symptoms are those of a

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We were not wholly successful in that certain men who were

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purulent urine containing tubercle bacilli. On cystoscopic exami

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