made of slats like a sash frame and thick cloth of cotton was
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in short in the selected patients described above. Whether the
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however early is of any avail and the mischief progresses rapidly
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the body. Our patient did not evince these outward physical char
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from psoriasis of the tongue which like the syphilitic affection
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The prolongation of labor is a distinct danger to the child. This may
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elements in normal conditions are the neutrophile multinuclear cell
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on upper floor of perinseum in procidentia a round or pear
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the presence of other phthisical symptoms the history and
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Since then the affection was seen and described in India by
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this fact has arisen much confusion. Clinically the cases fall rather
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left. Both flat and stereoscopic roentgenograms Fig. showed
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for the differences in the symptomatology which may be presented.
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syphilitic serum into a normal serum to produce an erroneous result
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the cannula which was then withdrawn. Fluid water pale.
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The great value of lactic acid in the diarrhea of infants is well
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physical findings impaired resonance with fine moist rales dimin
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repeated hemoglobin estimations. It must be obvious that a blood
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reaches the borders of the false ribs clear up to the stomach
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of the neck there are no palpable lymph glands the lungs show a
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cultures three times. Two returned to duty and died.
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pacity of the bronchial mucous membrane or lung substance.
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tion of effete material in the system. Occupies joints in which
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with reference to the recent literature is also added. Dr. Julius
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Glycerite of Ozone pear in the blood or any weakened
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circumstance is found in the literature hi different countries. It
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The mortality of the cases of empyemata which occurred
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culosis scarlet fever variola cholera infantum in city children
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The sputum in syphilitic Micrococci in the sputum in Mould of bronchial twigs
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present more than one of the recognised etiological factors of
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ticularly since the tractile force will be sufficient it seems pecu
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to inhale the vapor continuously. The remedy has been most