leucocythaemia as well as to the notion that the spleen was the

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was quite imavoidable owing to the circumstances of the voyage

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of the infection. Type C meningococcus was isolated from the naso

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it is usually administered and in doses of from five to ten drops

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character spasmus nutans. The movements cease when the infant

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associated atelectasis of varying degrees was also foiunl in infants

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puncture yielded a fluid which was turbid and contained meningo

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be discussed in the report of Captain Manson but we may state the

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a mental side to the case which is aggravated by the supposition

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of the nose in which it breeds slowly but progressing en

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Distribution. No tissue can be said to be wholly free from

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local infection. The most elfcctive local irritant is tobacco although

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aseptic pus that is pus which has been formed without the concurrence

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kind and by the presence or absence of oxygen aerobic or

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after the premature removal of both ovaries. Without doubt

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daily exercised with mild setting up exercises under the charge of a

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heating and this may cause the condition to be mistaken for

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heimer believes that the presence of these cells designates a definite

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the enlarged bones are markedly deformed the disease is met with

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the imcertain effects of intubation were all suggesti e of an etiology

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and in all cases great care should be taken to prevent any sudden

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moment rofound inhibitory impulses from the brain. An illustra

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or indication of the presence of the micrococci of scarlet fever or

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ing two or three grains of the dried sulphate of iron. Others have

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distended skin. At the base of this tumor a fissure or large

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slightly narcotic. These properties reside in a vola

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The writer insists upon an established distinction between uterine

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both lower lobes more marked on right. Evidence ol slirinking process affecting

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form of a tubular gland the columnar shaped cells being disposed round

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coumarin passes through. The fluid extract may be used with

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necessarily associated with rickets is that in which there is a com

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from the blood can only be determined when the actual occurrence of

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Symptoms. Sometimes there are all the indications of chronic

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