appeared thickened and projected sharply above the surface.

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the deposit of the germ and affords a suitable location for its

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giddy or confused. After a while however when he has reached

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were distinguished cHnically from those having bronchopneumonia

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cease to irritate the lung tissue. To complete the cure the

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specific diseases and there is little doubt but that in course of time

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Mixed class of tumors are found in the antrum. They consist

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ships of the members of the former class is unknown but they include

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venience that these methods cause may make it necessary to treat

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If then the reparative and the degenerative changes must be set on

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all diseases in which disease germs are the factor are greatly

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average time between aspirations was four days. In this group

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by severe pain generally in the right great toe. The pain increases

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the colon from the snuill intestine. The determining factor will l e the

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contains or whether salol possesses other properties which make

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Ssrmptoras. There arc two broad types of the disease the

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Gram negative diplococci and from these micrococci were isolated

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influence excited by the growth itself What this may be is unknown

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in the different animals in two cases this amounted to apparent

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pected. The best means for establishing a differential diagnosis

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uniform in its distribution the pigmented area fades off gradually

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tom. It frequently precedes the signs of irritability of the blad

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In Part the author sets forth many of tlie most modern ideas

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this afternoon they are not regurgitated through the nose but

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is not impossible when it is rememl ered that tubercle bacilli are

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raised. The lips are swollen and purplish the nose broad and

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exceeding softness of the pulse are the other most important

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as a white cloud which on standing collects at the bottom of the

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associated with undernourishment special interest attaches to the

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rarely the acuter class where duration is reckoned by months or

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tion are tumors hardened faeces exostosis of the promontory

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at stool occasionally experienced in the coccyx not infrequently

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the disease from which the patient dies or rather its ptomaine ex

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