domen deep red color of lips angles of mouth covered with

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cease to irritate the lung tissue. To complete the cure the

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the excruciating pain of neuralgia the prostrating effects of the

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this lead to obstruction of the vessel or not. And perhaps th the

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administer an antagonistic remedy and save our patient instead

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withdrawal. The explanation for this proved to be that after such a

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had a septicemia in contrast to the negative findings in all of

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equal stages the character of the end residts by radium surpasses

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as early as the third generation but who can say whether subsequently

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red hepatization stage a reddish brown or very congested venous

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or rendered more sensitive to deterioration by means of an alkali and

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tation of the edges without tension and this permits the muscle to

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of small round oval and pyriform cells with basement sub

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in spite of proper treatment by other means advances and especially

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onset of pneumonia except in a few cases. Other points of clinical

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butyric fermentation which is prevented by adding glycerine

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It is largely historical. Then follow chapters dealing with intel

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prematurely manifested unless in the case of the thymus in childhood

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cylindrical weighing bottles with ground in stoppers about. cm. in

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cases of gangrenous ulcers of the limbs is to apply a compress

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lobelia and stramonium should be applied as hot as can be borne

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the results of treatment it should be mentioned that of these

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bowel on the days following operation. Fluid accumulation in

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Preparations of cinchona or its alkaloids con. tincture kurchi

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and are especially characterised thereby. It is also noticeable that

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patient is at rest. upon exertion it becomes more or less acute but

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acrid nauseous taste is insoluble in water but freely soluble in

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parations are laid on it. They adhere to the plate which is then

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limited yet it is of fairly decisive kind. Two cases of confirmed

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could be classed among the fat tuberculous but present a

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discomfort. The time occupied at a sitting varies from about

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that such a condition coidd exist in an ajjparently robust man was

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