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exercise decreases it. It is increased in the many hepatic affec

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Other chapters are given over to the diseases of childhood

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Any one of one of the following germicides brought in con

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many species of germs when brought in contact with them the

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Pregnancy ties. They commonly occur in females who

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any pressure on the sphincter. This may explain why some

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loss of blood. When menorrhagia occurs an examination is indicated

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on the above mentioned causes and does not yield to treat

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with rickets are liable to attacks of spasmodic croup convulsions

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by further signs of blood change such as oedema and discoloration of

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constipation. As the disease progresses the abdominal symp

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How IS the Heart Affected in These Cases It appears to

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Treatment. When tumor is smaller than the two closed fists

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considerable group of cases of hemorrhage and shock in which on

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