turbance are accompanied or succeeded by vague muscular pains.
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philic myelocytes and immature forms of eosinophilic polymor
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Pasteurization was not as effective as boiling but the curds were smaller
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life. It should materially assist us in handling a group of cases
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proteids than a vegetable diet the amount of the former taken by
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to the usual method and in this the floating glass is permitted to
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solutions the application of boracic acid glycerine one to ten
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may be impossible but a partial compliance may be effected. All
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Lung Culture. Type meningococci recovered from the left
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occupation railroad fireman. Tropical service none. Denies use
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panied or followed rather than preceded by more or less marked
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twang and throat appears obstructed. Has some stomach pain.
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primary agent. In order to secure more definite e idence on this
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intracranial or intraspinal is not an independent lesion or clinical
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cases the left lateral position makes the murmur more typical or
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of intrathoracic lesions and the treatment of some of tlie most
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styrone one drachm to one ounce of water and one of glycerine
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elements in the system prolonged irritation operates as an exciting
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eruptions will be either round crescentic or serpiginous but
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The disturbances of deglutition varied from mild dysphagia t lt i
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and disappear. The following formula is esteemed excellent
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thymus. It is claimed that syphilitic infection of the thymus may
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acidity of the urine. Colchicum reduces the gouty inflammation
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can trace practically any morbid state to an underlying intestinal
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exclusive attention to the urine avoided for be it remembered that
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length of the bone but are scattered irregularly and thus the bone
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the urine contain substances a thousand times more poisonous
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marked contraction of the pupils. The urine too would be free
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the chest in the cases of simple influenza were often entirel lacking
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bandage. To make this jacket take a large sheet of cotton
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are the cases which are most likely to be confounded with spleno
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