tigators have even gone a step farther and see in Plasmodiaphora

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Cases of general convulsions as well as of local spasm are frequently

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tures. The primary growth usually arises in some pigmented tissue as the

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to the alcohol though the annnonium carbonate and combined am

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phhice Hydrochlorkhtm. Acetomorphine. Originally intro

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forated in a different place from that which caused the disease originally.

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he take cold under all circumstances as the more a thriftless

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The author s views are refreshing in regard to the much flaunted

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lucion fonetica Revue de Dialectologic Rotnane vol. 5 December

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ipseaiet vero strenue religiosa patientia et pia de

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caused vomiting dyspnoea and syncope but not death.

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vegetables are cut down dried and burnt. The ashes contain from

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He had read to the Clinical Society in November 1887

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history of infective organisms outside of as well as in the

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Ought to be puniftied for the misfortunes they thus occafion

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taken live doses of turpentine without sickness and without further

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fifth year the better are they able to endure the disturbances of

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being everywhere large active and useful. Thus it becomes

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in civic life and who arrive in camp iu a condition more

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and too few are familiar with the subsequent interpretations

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for me to give you any kind of offhand opinion at the

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reliable pointer for the cause of croup diphtheria and pneu

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eventually meteontic distension of the abdomen. In the further

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a receipt to make white hair black and reduce old heads

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vcrj comfortable reading for those who have relatives

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contraction due to fear will quickly pass away when it is

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is independence of the rhythm of the cardiac contraction in relation to

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of the pan a distinct black line was immediately formed

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The latter had been placed in partial shade and had been subject to

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the ninth chapter of the second book of Kings there is to

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anatomy of peripheral neuritis. The morbid changes found in cases of

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emaciation are slow in their development. In some cases the symptoms

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diameter but in old or unfavourable cultures of ascitic

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The four pairs of legs are provided with ambulacral suckers the fourth

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is vivid in the extreme. We think his classification of mental

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ritis. They are not suitable in cases with vascular congestion

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vaccinated in the army. This shows that the protec

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succumbed to phthisis one 27 to pleural effusion one 52 to

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we may use sponging with warm water at bed time putting enough

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Chlorinated Lime previously well triturated stirring the mixture after

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of general paralysis and tabes having a biological disposition to enter the

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by the action of the stomach and what pertains to it. But

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The ashes of marine plants furnish an impure soda which is called

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We have reason to believe that this statement has com

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water which should be changed twice a week in winter and every other

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belief in his ability to improve the natural flavor

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in this matter has been gradually slipping away from

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witnessing the effects produced by dry cupping has given me the particulars

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suffering from malarial nephritis. He had a marked amount

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