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Commentaries on the history and cure of Disease third

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Louisiana State Board of Health. Biennial Report to the General

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the sternum. In the sixth intercostal space it divides

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there is no reason to suppose that antitoxin has any virtue

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Congress of Arts and Science to prepare a short paper on the vital

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Bacteriology in its marvelous progress leads investigation directly

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pital and a great many of the counties do not have hospitals.

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on the evening of his third day of illness showed suspicious signs in

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digestive disturbances. These men were remarkably temperate in

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of the menstrual period in each case with reference to

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of great chronicity. generally limited to African and

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If better known and more widely studied he would be

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The disease is usually more or less generalised. A discrete papular

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I know a young man whose testicles are so atrophied that

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Dose. One hundredth cubic centimeter of dichlorethylsulphide per kilo of body weight

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their gloss and are covered with a slight fibrinous exudate.

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James Mackenzie had previously ascertained the frequency

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and well equipped laboratory where her students may study this fascinating

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tained in the pancreas and liver chiefly in the former

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well known men to serve as consultants at base hospitals

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and onl in selected cases of these types should it be employed. In

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of inspi.ssation of the ingesta and torpor of the bowels.

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ally weaker and unable to take her food. The wound is

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dermatitis is good for the child because the poison

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tion and in the interval presented no manifestations. The possibility how

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tion. As 10 days is generally admitted to be the limit

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utilizable carbohydrates are added. That which makes diphtheria

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rheumatism and tuberculosis. The use of alcohol has

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at the period of convalescence from a severe and dangerous inflammatory

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themselves toward the end of the tenth month if they are pres

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On the 3rd June the condition was improved. The animal was

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mained the same the former being one tenth the weight of the