other a primary anannia. In chronie gastritis the history of long standing

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mucous membrane a swollen and sensitive verumontanum with

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ice water to allay thirst. Mustard to the pit of the stom

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injection and has remained even superior to that for seven hours.

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one of the community houses there still remains the inscription made

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The orbital foramen in the ox belongs entirely to the frontal bone.

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The inflamed cord should be excised as high as affected.

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door can shut it out no drawer so secret as to escape its

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has undergone more than one change. The first conception was based

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find that the swollen tissue had become much jmler and had been

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crusts. He had found no ointment act so well in im

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therapy compels one to give the greatest possible at

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as contents a pair of scissors forceps two or more knives a

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fractures occur the diagnosis is difficult. In the horse in all

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is often preceded for a day or two by air hunger with

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should always get a detailed account of these attacks. If an operation

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somewhat with saliva and swallowed. The function of

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in the three cases to be described the base of the sac was

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into them the Cysticerci are opened which causes a copious flow of

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position of a definitive cause of the complaint and there is nothing

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among a large number of nenal dialysis patients and staff.

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tion as appears to be usual in Czechc Slovakia. Iu politics

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strong suspicions that a great many persons in society who labour under

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which Dr. Van der Byl who reports the case thinks might

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and filth so that the first and greatest prophylactic

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abolished. The sphincter ani is paralyzed. When the

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the toxin and ia therefore more effective early and when

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of the cervix are the mechanical dilators of the Bossi

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are then characterized by the blueness under the nail. Cyanosis

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Milk as before directed soft boiled eggs fish pike

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tlio haemutemesis again recurred on 2nd Feb.everythinp was withheld from

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Forty enlisted men completed the basic courses as above outlined

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generally common also although some forms are almost exclu

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Local Neuritis. This may occur during the height of the fever or after

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far more likely to be of use to a candidate preparing

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Caput Succedaneum is the swelling which appears on the scalp intra

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number of corpuscles from a rise in hsemoglobin percentage

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Fhihav. November i lli Kvv York.Academy of Meilicine

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affections of the throat differ in no respect from those of rheumatic

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origin especially in obscure cases should l gt e sought for most

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gitis or inflammation of the voice box which is accom

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it is necessary to resect portions of the ribs and reach

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of influenza averages only fi om three to five days we

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colls whilst those nearer the bowel were apparently free

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ogical condition. Although this nomenclature was adapted

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must expect to have one deaf child if they have eleven child

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parts of the opposite hemisphere in very extensive ones. 2 The

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any more by the addition of ninhydrine. Ordinarily thirty min

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there were marked changes in the erectile tissue of the

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Gallic Acid in Alcohol etc. have been recommended for nlieving

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which is also true in the case of other injections. It ap

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poisons like strychnia opium carbonic oxide gas and syphilis of the

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lung is quite lost and it becomes solid though more lacerable than natural.

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according to the modifying influence of treatment. In a smaller number

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ofhersj of the truly gouty nature of these neuralgiae is gained from the

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a sieve and boil well one quarter of an hour stirring all

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involved to some extent the destruction of the plaintiff s

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crete volatile oil obtained from the wood by sublimation and re

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gress of muscular atrophy was precisely similar but there was

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