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the psychasthenic the obsessional patient and tells him his troubles are

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also be absorbed from necrotic tissue to produce injurious effects.

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but in this there is no uniformity. It is remarkable that

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to determine the condition of her kidney. She was sent home for

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than the juantity corresponding to the equivalent of pepton.

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ments may be enabled to procure industrially trained

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puts on one silk and one elastic ligature fearing the evil effects of

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they are sufficiently extensive to interfere seriously with the heart s

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talent for drawing or for artistic composition lines for col

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suspicion of clinical nephritis during life and yet the kidneys at

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jaundice among the Canadian soldiers stationed at Salonica. It is

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DR. WILLIAM C. MILLS of Ohio State University presented a paper to this

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abundant material showing intergradations between this species and A. thurifera

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others were from cases of coma uremia etc. In addition to those

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toms. The infarcts which occur in this variety of endocarditis always

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three weeks and was practically well. For several days the

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The author consulted various text books journals and other

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fifteen transposition on both sides with good results. Petersen

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upon the discovery of the philosopher s stone and the

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some immovable object on the sound side another sheet is

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nervous system may be concerned along with these and in

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Medical Officer of the Board of Hducatiou Section IX.

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tube from the circular form that is some tlatteuiug

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water the cyanogen uniting with the silver to produce cya

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the study of anatomy especially to that of the external form and the

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