into the lumen of the lacuna its cavity becomes very irreg

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aperients. Weak glycerine lotions. Lancing gums in strophulus con

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izing property is not sulliciently strong to overcome

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mine the presence of pus within the peritoneal cavity.

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possibility of spontaneous cure lies in the success

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sound always appears at a later stage than the systolic the lesions

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nerve a typical Weber s syndrome. The onset was associated

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Mr. Thomas gives some striking instances of recovery

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tedious in the majority of cases two months of careful and uninter

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is a reality which affects different persons in different ways. There is

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Salts Papain Pepsin Calomel Caffeine Cinchona Prepara

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clinical facts which are for us equivalent to as many experi

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centres for common sensibility are probably the ones

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The above specimens are with immature fruits and old pistillate flowers but

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serted before removal of the contents is attempted.

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excisions of portions of the stomach containing morbid

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sometimes have eases in which the murmur is actually

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Kew Yorlv City and in causing llic dcatli of guineapiss Ivy injections of

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Under the plan of treatment thus outlined the majority of cases of

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tubules. The tufts are hsemorrhagic contain micrococci colonies and

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Dr. McGlannan graduated at the College of Physicians and Sur

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the myeloma was very easily removed. There also is a small super

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The second chapter deals with Obesity Complicating Other

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acid tincture of benzoin silver nitrate solution adrenalin chloride

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historical reference books. In Choulant s time there were

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Commilnication de M. le doeteur Gustavo de Bcawais.

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IxFUSOKiA. The rumen and reticulum of Euminants contain

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averaged values given at the bottom of each column in table

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Symptoms. vary with the quantity and kind of ingesta

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