of the examination. Prolonged myocardial insufficiency with chronic
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most probaUe that the rupture was upward and into the anterior comu
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Diluted Chlorine in Pulmonary Consumption translated by
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syphilitic treatment. In the next place it science a definite explanation. How about
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saliva the writer has given malt and taka diastase t lt advantage.
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Guerman P. Notes on the cultivation and collection of medici
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Chapter V. Diseases of Job Herod Hezeki ah Jeroboam and
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trazodone indications and usage
terior surface of the symphysis pubes tending to encircle the head outside of
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Congenital absence of one or both breasts is very rare.
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young infant will agree that it would be a very diffi
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whereas these are common in Latin salvus sanus si sis sanus aut
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any single drug of this class. Attention also must be paid to the
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and civet cats though in a different and offensive odour
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tions should be helpful for both psychology and psychiatry.
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professional study subsequent to matriculation. Four and
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quin pronounces Hippocrates more complete than Boyer in respect
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fata doses of arsenious acid liy accustoming the leucocytes
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sometimes makes its appearance in a few weeks after
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unsifted flour forms an excellent laxative article of diet in some dys
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sepsis made it easier for the kidneys to perform their
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problem by means of an x ray examination and thus consider the question
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cent se dans la pleuresie purulente. 8vo i aris i by
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chez le Cheval. Treatment of Sarcoptic Mange in Horses.
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though we have scattered the phantoms of iliac liga
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heavy drinkers may resent an enlarged and tender liver with at times
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wound. Should the parts swell a cooling lotion may be applied such
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vehicle in which the drug was dissolved rather than to
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tion of the appendicula ovarian ligament by Clado it
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the H. Officinalis or green leech is paler more yellowish or greenish
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volume of 550 double columned pages strongly bound in cloth 14.
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strengths No. 3 being two and a half times as strong
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lifted. Dr. Zentmayer asked for suggestions as to treatment
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tit to include in his report because he was not sure of
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into the country. It was thought advisable to send her
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three years of age. Out of twelve cases in which Dr.
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their vertebrate host is a multiplication by binary division
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This little volume is in effect a condensation of standard labora
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ing to W. F. Curryer J 5 for the successful treatment of infantile
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nections or from climatic barriers was a very independent zoological
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bral anemia and infection are given in the order of their
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the danger of lighting up a new inflammation in the partially
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ascending at base and oval cuneiform leaflets it grows in richer soils
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possesses from one to three very delicate wavy cilia
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d Amriohe out de Marie de ttourgogne Philippe le Beau qui
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and embolism is beset with difficulties. The most im
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Pneumonia very rarely attacks primarily the upper lobes and
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The principles of treatment were the same whatever the opinion of the
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and the streptococcus meningitis. The gonococcus the typhoid bacillus
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to an increased resistance in spite of the reduction in viscosity. All
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boundary at all. And indeed the matter is left curiously to chance
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ceous stem hollow glaucous from one to two inches in diameter and
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the effects of the general treatment that the local treatment
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results although the recognition of its specific cause has led to the trial
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between them. Each developed because society abhors a vacuum.
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On laying open the abdomen it was found to contain a
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body close against the back of the chair at the seat any one
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however to show that some horses of first rate powers have come
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from pressure paraplegia at the level of the 2nd and 3rd dorsal nerves.
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repeats the iodine application so as to seal the puncture
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caloric value of CO. which accompany possible fluctuations
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An ti dote. A preventive or remedy for poison or any disease.
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tissues of the synovial sac and of the other tissues
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maxillary ganglia. The general consensus of opinion would seem
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lertain constitutional conditioTis are su y osei to he favorable to their
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observed partial melanism characterized simply by a pronounced coloration
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in cases where it was ui gently demanded doing violence to
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Tobacco exercises its effect also indirectly upon the nerves of the heart.
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She is still continuing in excellent health gaining in
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paper on fossil micro organisms in the Jurassic and Cre
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followed Riegel s classification as given in his recent exhaustive work on
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culations in both pleural cavities and in the peritoneum. This
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of the uterus as compared to the process after delivery at term. The
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the patient is engaged in conversation the ears not being plugged.
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science and it is from this point of view that the author
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investigations as to the Influence of sunlight on morbid tissues
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may conclude this notice It is quite as bad to over value some
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mortem determination of the cause of the disease there are
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Warlomont. and in Berlin in the same year by Pissin and
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little attention as it seldom lasts longer than a few
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they are beset. In respect to these I confidently assert that
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The inoculation is best made in private practice in the
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Why does the pain of the primary part of the aflbciation ceafe
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finite orfpices moderately taken or with fugar or as the
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Babcock of Chicago recommends the frequent administration
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string tightly around the neck or roots of the tumor allowing it
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municipal credit and life is built. A strong people
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of that condition. Each of the distinguishing general symptoms of
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On opening the abdomen we were struck by the abundance of fat
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of about forty eight hours her headache became very vio
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case of traumatic neurosis esjDecially regarding prognosis. How
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with nerve cells since ascending degeneration resulting from lesion of the

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