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IV. The intracranial fibers of the fourth nerve are obscured

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Others discussing the vital statistics question were Dr. Olin West

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Hence the status of this book is at once defined. It marshals

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Sometimes from a blow on the external ear inflammation is

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The next exhibition of good sense was in providing a good water supply.

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The basis for the following histological studies with the

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Finally in recent times the motor power of electricity has been

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ecchymotic colorations and swelling of the sub maxillary region.

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spoken of as the long arch. Both arches are permanent.

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will be against Medicine rather than against Alcohol.

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the morning reconvene at the close of the Scientific

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In three of the fatal cases the voltage of shock was less

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of muscular paralysis 1868. Although the latter is simply one of the many

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Health Officer or his assistant shall return not earlier than four days and

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there was tympanic resonance on the left. During both stages of

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Lecturer on Terrestrial Magnetism Johns Hopkins University.

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to cold. Thus as might be expected the complaint is commoner in winter

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extremities whether any other parts of body are affected or not.

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Iodine is a powerful antiseptic disinfectant and parasiti

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ting vegetation. In some bad districts you can smell

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present day methods of examination. The initial symptoms

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later he urinated just as often as before the operation but without

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in any condition of acute or chronic cystitis with considerable spasm of

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Infection is as liable to occur after slight as after severe injuries

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The statement is made that in 1880 the census report showed an

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General Causes. a Constitutional peculiarities Torpidity of the

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