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and the necessary increased quarters and accommodations for nurses and

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mations and their sequelae of greater interest than

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cous patches on the sides of the tongue. He was put

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currents going to and fro act as so many shuttlecocks

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place them so far as hospital provision is concerned in the

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advance certain ingenious speculations npon disease and death as

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non. Verily disease is ignorance and intelligence its

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and development of these activities through the medical press.

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fats and that they are destroyed by heat. When subjected to destructive

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flag. Prince Kail of Prussia brother of the King promised

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Tuberculosis Kcsoarch. It is reported that a large sum

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less marked in this respect when they were used in their separate

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they have exhausted the resources of their immediate stock

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tion of closing the opening effectually cures the whole trouble. This

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necessary for him to overcome the prejudice in their favor.

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near the cervix is complete and the peritoneal cavity is opened. This

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damage to them. It can check and change secretions indirectly

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been months old. The early lesions are not seen after

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Migratory Consumptive was presented by its secretary.

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to paralysis of the left recurrent nerve. The condition

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and extension of the unpaired genital eminence from

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The patient a boy aged 14 was thrown violently forward from his

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Indian Medical Service. A new Royal Warrant for the Indian

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women and children were the greatest suti erers. Only

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bearing period the preservation of the uterus and at

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equivalent in protein value to 2 pints of milk its A alue is

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IS applied. The horizontal tube should be five or six inches long

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svmptoms of obstruction of the aorta although strongly indicative of

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of them. This alfo accounts for the abfcefles in various parts of the

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effects whatever. A record of the blood pressure pulse and respiration failed

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coined the word anaphylaxis from two Greek words dwi

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cartilage just above the limit of the new growth. The right vagus and

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Tho future before the medical profession was one of

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portance it 1ln ihysician giving special attention to cases

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application of scientific methods to the study of industry.

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