been given solely to promote the study of surgery for in

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Name of Editor Nathan Winslow M.D. Calvert and Saratoga Streets

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rested for many days for more than three weeks elapsed between

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Brooke Jr. at the Letterman General Hospital San Francisco Cal. Oc

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complicating a tuberculous lesion. If the evening tempe

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lower level of flatness which may be in the 5th 6th or 7th

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be attended by an immediately favourable result and under certain cir

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mined and prolonged study in order to elicit a method of treatment

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this source be set apart for the support of the In

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Bostained must bear good fruit even if they failed to secure legal

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and lactucin these were separated by dissolving the mixture in boiling

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underclothing at those spots where lice generally congregate will

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seen a case of chickenpox in the adult. It might be a

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found e lt Mvially with fatty and fibroid degeneration chronic inflamma

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In cases of choking where the throat is swollen the same

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was restless and vomited. The temperature was 102 the pulse

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compost. In addition for the seven warmer months of the

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may by interfering with the nutrition of a part predis

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projects and committees. Social vrorkers were appointed to serve on

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ing on antimange defense on a methodical basis through the use of chemical

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Ophthalmoscopic examination shows the right retinal veins are full and

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are often rejected by the stomach with great distress to

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ulants and the paralysis disappeared. The vision was not perfectly

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groves and a profusion of flowers and plants on every

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cases known to be abortionists a blot on our civiliza

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of nature and of reason it is a mighty great blessing were

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lief of permanently disabled soldiers and injured industrial workmen.

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several limbs may be referable to some central cause spinal or bulbar.

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compared our diagnosis made before death with the actual

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and extemporized tourniquets. While noting the method of checking

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the time appreciate its significance and supposed that I

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by strong short Hgaments. Thus we have three separate articular

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infeetion of the premlaes after a ease of tetanus is Imperative.

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an easier task than the unknown man. These statements are of

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the kin is covered with red fpots which.are broader

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I cannot better close any disscursive remarks than by an allusion to

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of the venereal peril has been productive of much good and may ultimately

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