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Stewart Helena R. Value of the Public Health Nurse to the

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does not hesitate to fill the cavity with salt solution and close

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pus draining off a cure being ultimately effected or the

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made only by well trained men who will intensively and enthu

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evil to a physician. Were you a merchant they vould not ask

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trophy and dilatation or atrophy follows adherent pericardium. The

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generated cells not offering a suitable soil for their

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priate direction the treatment must be inefficient

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tery bacilli among the troops are in progress. Several research prob

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find illustrations of the persistent blood irritants damaging and inflam

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termine this point by Valine Sieber Nencki Fraser Gilbert Mosse and

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organs of circulation respiration and secretion the ques

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generations for although we deny not that many animals are

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account of such an epidemic occurring in 1882 83 in

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animals with which it comes in contact Gohier and Carrere have

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stones and parasites 2 by inflammatory tumefaction of the duodenum or

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but less than at other times. 4. It gains in weight

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and the manner of its treatment which constitute the principal

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tions she i gt invited to appear at police head uarlers

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question of simulated deafness will in the near future become more im

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to discover the general opinion as to their efficacy. My

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absolutely. Indeed it is not thought to impair the validity of

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recently shown that the mortality from eclampsia can be

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should refuse to certify invoices covering hides for shipment to

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that devitalized air is to him the most virulent poison.

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become a valuable antipyretic the modus operandi of which is

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Beef Soup. A knuckle joint or shin bone having sufficient meat

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are irregularly disposed in the tissue and waiting in that

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phwtma or serum of the blood it contains large numbers of emigrated

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at the conclusion that re elevations of temperature

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a disastrous manner among flocks attributed it in 1790 to insects

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mortality rate is much greater than between fifteen and thirty five and

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