decorated apartments of the JMinister of Finance. Others
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on the nineteenth day the boy weighed 12 pounds. The maternal wound was
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in the cord is not yet fully determined. Artificial injections
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doing you are in danger. The mediocre or unsuccess
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given every fifteen minutes till a drachm had been taken
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HxTERNALLT Fof ibeuouttism seyere Miofl etc. it should be poured
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relief. Again her headache returned and she did not come back
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deep seated condition. The effect of the excitement
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forming fluid appeared the pupil remained clear and no secondary
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the bunches of hair upon the parts is a sufficient indication.
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gray matter. The average weight of the male brain is forty nine
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Bellevue is also full presenting some considerable general
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the increase in length or bulk as such as has already been done
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became a member of the council of that body in 1727. In
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goes on the cartilage is implicated by the exuberant granulations be
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War and since then in this country Cuba Puerto Rico
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young persons are accustomed to treat persons older than
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ignorance of the wide spread occurrence of focal necroses
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most serviceable remedy is carliolic acid alone or in combination with
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are not fully understood. It is not especially favored by
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at least directs the force of the morbific process to parts already weakened
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able to elicit all the phenomena of contraction and dila
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Dr. Potter s experience in New York City has been such that he
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in color and on their surface is a multitude of long branched villi
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the position and size of the stomach. Usually the stomach contents
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upon the side which is painful the eye is sunken the pupil
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longer plugs the duct tightly and bile trickles by into the intes
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The Legislature will then be in session and it is desirable that
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Case 20. Parrot which for the previous two months had shown
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Properties and Uses. Sulphate of Iron is irritant tonic and astrin
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a new field of women s work will be found ultimately to have
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over the back and sides with a plentiful supply of internal fat over
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aminations hitherto published of per activity of the parts of the brain which
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To test the actual efficacy of iodine in the disinfection of the human
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just under the epidermis. This doubtless accounts for
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Nassau J treats of the food of the West African natives which
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Binasal Hemianopsia Occurring in the Course of Tabetic Optic Atrophy
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