and convalescence from fevers. When administered in warm infusion it
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a vague general term to include the entire field of social fact and
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is the cause of vomiting we must restore the normal supply
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Scripture injunction with regard to medicine that it is more blessed to give
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by Evacuation Hospital No. 32. It sailed from Bordeaux France March 25
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wound at the battle of Gettysburg. Becoming depressed in mind
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tacks. The occurrence of the latter is favored by a simultaneous
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thought Alexander most nearly restored the uterns to
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rarely invaded the deeper tissues. The healing process also may be looked upon
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dition of the organ to the number of the leucocytes and red
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when the jaundice depends uiM n pancreatic disease.
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a marked flexor contraction. In 19 cases observed by Herriek
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department has been a great aid both to the physiotherapy and
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was a liberal and affectionate parent. Mark remained
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hospital on account of a pelvic abscess which was punctured and
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time and by faradization of the temporal and masseteric regions.
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them the germs of diphtheria tuberculosis syphilis in
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unless he would prefer to sell every animal to the packer without
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mission has been created to investigate the live stock industry
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other 50 per cent meantime for the expenses of tlie
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Dose. One hundredth cubic centimeter of dichlorethylsulphide per kilo of body weight
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scientific basis therefore be it resolved That tbe.Vmerican
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more wet so that the liquid substances run out of the
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most brilliant surgical victory. It is the first case treated by
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has been attributed to a sunstroke and this may well be
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in the province of Ontario it is reasonable to assume that each year
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otitis media. Sherer considers his 3 cases as a small epidemic due
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to produce severe sequelae while affluence efficient nursing and fresh air
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Of the two specialities covered by the title of the Section
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used by which the soap is thoroughly worked into the skin. This practice
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infected areas must be undertaken and immunisation is of great
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below the standard temperature of the body. But this is seldom or never
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which to use her own expression almost made her cry out. As
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confined to certain portions of the genito urinary tract..
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most likely to occur between twenty five and forty.
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The possibilities of this drug were great. A course of
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maintained by a flexure of the knees with consequent
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Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine is fully accredited by the
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must suffice. Should an abscess come to the surface and especially
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gance. He pointed out that there were still some Branches
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tages was possible. The apparatus show n is the re
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kept out of formal touch with general medicine and the activities
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of bone which later tend to envelop the joint. 4 Dry arthritis
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Clinically there was great improvement in the mental condition of the patient who
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bacterial protein substauces. The violent reactions pro
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tating substance. Whoever heard of stuffing a drainpipe
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in place and ire venting leaking of the salt solution from the
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tion on the part of stockholders for smaller dividends.
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posed in the form of small festoons which after maceration retained s
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