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examinations extending beyond the incubation period of malaria

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into a state of deep coma and gradually sank and died

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or other pus infection. Frequently they begin as intertrigoes

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The establishment of the Division of Public Health at the University

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diastolic 70. The pulse was 84 and very weak. His weight had

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the tumors in the groin that were not treated continued to

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Mindanao District of Davao Mount Apo Copeland 1042 DeVore d Hoover 73

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protraction as laid down by authorities and proved by cases

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clearly as any clinician could desire. The pain irregularity

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A very large flat bone occupying nearly one half the anterior

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the lesions be contemplated resource must be had to

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ment and a railway transportation expert. The sites were leased by an officer

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diagnosis was here made or the previous diagnosis confirmed and

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fectly well. Potassium permanganate was used in this case. Chaffee speaks

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and more formidable Bymptoms now come on. The extension of ibe

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Goroze the Lord of Saint Cerney Courville and Courseroult these

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Standard Oil Company of New Jersey Building in honour

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large and influential body of members of the medical profession in Ireland

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Dalton of the same institution retired some weeks ago.

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sweatings. A large slough formed over the sacrum. The pulse became

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ployed to determine the efficiency of the subarachnoid absorptive surfaces.

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carries with it important pliysiologic corollaries which

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Geeekhow Edward Headlam. On the Study of Epidemic Dis

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indicates what is possible in this direction for the great mass

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Honorary Secretary s Annual lieporl. The report of the

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fore no proof of still birth and on the other hand the contraction

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Byers epitomizes the distinguishing signs of primary tumors

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work is much more extensive than that which can be injected

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gruel. The cats were released at once and wfere not examined for

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uneasiness at throat caused by repeated colds late hours hot

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malarial infection. Repeated or protracted infection is there

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thereby markedly shortening the perineal operation

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number of grains of sand for instance in any toxic solution pro

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cious influence. Also the line of reasoning afforded

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flexion and withdrawal of foot. No dribbling of feces or urine

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between the upper epiphysis and shaft and extended thence not only

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succumbed to phthisis one 27 to pleural effusion one 52 to

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roentgen rays and perfected fluoroscopic examinations by placing

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AcANTHOCEPHALES. Three species of Echinorhynchus live in the

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order to get the full benefit of comparative facts it

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cludes that there was no ascending atrophy from any intoxication

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general very troublesome particularly at night. Iany persons are not much

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walk slowly and cautiously without pain suffer severely from the

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used both during the period of recumbency and when the patient

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the twenty five blacks entered in England were West Indians and had never

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place to enter into a physiological discussion as to I

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Annual Representative Meeting shall be held to con

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comed the students to the city of Birmingham and to her medi

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counts for a curious fact observed in the difference of vitality. Thus a

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be started on their way by the violent solar circulation continued on

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There was a general depressed state of the system with a tenden

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twelve to sixteen in the minute during the paroxysms the

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sleeve surrounded by an oedematus zone usually of slight extent. This

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however being attacked in remote districts and the authorities being unable to

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with the individuality of the patient. A true physician is a scientific scholar

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own guilt a sufficient punishment for the wickedness I have

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cure or at least a tendency to become localized so many year of

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like little white curly maggots with black heads. Some

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Treatment. Washing out of the ears with soap cleansing of the

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This revolutionary doctrine was ignored by our own military

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termediary be tested out and thereby many of the difficulties of

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Barnard tells us that he was actually led to photograph such a region

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been that the opening closes only too readily if the

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This guard is the food passing through the intestines

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drop and foot drop on both sides and all reaction to

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and if the physician recommends simply the cleansing

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Iodine is a powerful antiseptic disinfectant and parasiti

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horns or in the anterior third of the posterior columns. The occasional

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events an extraordinary individual a disturbing element in his

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positive Hamburger s stick reaction. 20 children gave no reaction with

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upon the presence of the medulla ablongata which is always rudimentary.

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impairment or eventually complete suppression of the

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paraffin a dessert spoonful tliree times a day and on the

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If the landlord is interested and cooperative the tenants will usually be

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his preconceived ideas as to the real character of the

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healthy mastoid cells is performed at the risk of in

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mogastric be severed previously to the administration of atro

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injury. The spinal cord may however be the seat of extensive

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