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light method free from recurrence for from one to five

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stream camps. With our present knowledge of the causa

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Dr. Averitt will be greatly missed in the profession. His counsel was

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Melvin Rosenthal M.D. Associate Professor of Genito Urinary Surgery

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ology at Heidelberg 1858 71 and physics at Berlin 1871 94.

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tuted for the cold the limbs well rubbed hot drinks

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assistants have performed artificial pneumothorax in about 100 out of

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with a poultice of the root applied to the wound it has considerable

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ples offered a particularly valuable contrast for pur

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bas comoiencecl medical stucly at a university or school of

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By irritation of the germ and its products the infection produces

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moved onward into the great intestine where it forms the

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on the thirteenth day of the puerperium. while 25.4 per

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lyzed. Your legs and arms may be asleep. You may shiver

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treatment on so called specifics and ignore the teachings of clinical experience

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Army.Medical Service that the orirtinal experiment of creating a

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EiHirM. conf iderations uuderlay so many of tlie doings of

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Localization of foreign body inside the eyeball when necessary 25.00

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or whatever generally causes their destruction and that it is only

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kept studiously away from any of the clinical exhibitions

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of the present day from the charge of wilfully neg

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pigment bearing phagocytes lymphoid and plasma cells and eosinophilic

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phils 1 per cent. small mononuclear elements 14 per cent. The

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and in bad cases on the sleeplessness. The general nutrition often

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our departure. We would it were not so. The college may have

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uncertainty as to the effect of tuberculin injections under the control of

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uncle Owen Evans being the inventor of the screw auger. His grand

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The toe of tlic lung manilbatly depends upon the capacity of the chest.

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pretation of the clinical picture was not excusable

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a dry cloth should be placed between the body and the

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not before they were able to control and prevent any serious

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the mass felt on the left side and after separating these

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An Overnourished Patient of Thirty two Sufferlng from

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encknt ram tbe draumatanco alti ady alluded to tbat llic diangcs to

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he awakes comparatively rational or dies from exhaustion. In such

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administrative training and the iuclusiou of cfficers of the

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on diseased mucous tissues it possesses in an eminent degree the tonic

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quartermaster chief surgeon chief engineer officer chief ordnance officer chief

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small amount of rational investigation will show the fallacies

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as I can learn no perquisites have been asked which have not

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In the older and cruder method still largely used in

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and almost immediately fell back unconscious. When seen by Dr.

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humor. Yet the trial of the flea and his crimes in con

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mal instinctively to keep within such limits as are safe and hence

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I have no doubt that had I undergone a serious operation the

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renders a man s lectures more juicy more meaty than

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Committee in replying to questions from the Special

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blinking frowning headache holding work too close to

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Here again the initial and essential function of tlie public

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evidences of past attack of acute endocarditis as well

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September 26. Up to October 12 the drainage however had con

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