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tion to disappear as the only means of testing the efficacy of

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of illiterate children found at work. There are no viola

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other than figns which recall to our imaginations the objects we had

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erted by the enlarged cervical glands and the trachea.

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tal arch but the bicuspid is situated at the inner side of

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does and understands as much as his observations on the order

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stature. These Belgae became the ancestors of the chieftain

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secure a good digestion and the person is thin and pale too

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each menstrual period and that it does not necessarily occur

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riculum equal to physiology or pathology materia medica

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outer or inner surfaces of the alveolar process is accom

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spring from the central part of the cord the posterior

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atory know how small a part of the expense is due to the

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a large number say eight or ten are mixed together

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appear on the hands of children soon show a central depression and

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malaria by direct inoculation of blood containing Plasmodium

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tissue stain one could distinguish various grades of degeneration

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normalities in the nervous system. Out of the twenty three

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use such remedies in a fluid form for when necessary powerful com

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passes. They have found that for ease of preparation and application

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fore the cause he had previously found for the acid

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heart and the difficulties it adds to the diagnosis. Its occurrence

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relief of symptoms. Complete compression of left lung and band of adhesion

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four cases of gouty bursitis one case of parotitis one of pericar

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few pale homogeneous casts entangling oil molecules or corpuscles.

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light and air are imperative. The operative results will be nil but

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locally there may be acute inflammatory changes and profuse capillary

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besides taking the waters bathing and other curative

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is enlarged and tender as felt over the pelvic brim and through

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work done by the War Hospital Supply Depot in Merrion

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l dvances. The cough is tirst dry and etridulous brassy but soon

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they found more pleasant without removing the first

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cate of death were obtainable even upon subsequent inquiry. These

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object of induciug sleep or for their analgesic effect the

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Rupture most frequently takes place into one of the pleural

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the details of others observed by himself and has discussed the subject

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The man was a large powerful negro and a sailor by occupa

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contracted from one who is laboring under malignant sore throat. These forms

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The Adversaria Anatomica was extended from time to time until

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cerning the older remedies and their administration.

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