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Various modes of treatment have been recommended but the most effica

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regarding the varieties in the colour of venous blood of glandular

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nective tissue. This form occurs most frequently in beer drinkers.

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any micro organisms. He therefore concludes that it is possible

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lus develops both in distilled water and in sea water

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Thus the sarcomata are from two to three times more numerous than

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Procedures for quantitadon and detection J Natl Cancer Inst 45 297 303

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deserves consideration. Graeme Anderson found that the

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The author consulted various text books journals and other

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application of scientific methods to the study of industry.

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mental aberration upon admission to justify such a diagnosis

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anition in the stomach will be prevented by a gouty

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a sudden fall deep insensibility general convulsions

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The proposal of these gentlemen is that use be made of this demand

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