with thinning of its walls. Embolism of the blood such as we

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bacterial and certain varieties of micrococci are so frequently met with in

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infectious sickness neither can the natural affection of the pa

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abrasion will cause follicular inflammation or soft non infecting

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designate Type B is differentiated from the preceding type quite

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inconsiderable for when a portion of kidney liver or mammary gland

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tensive bronchopneumonia involving all the lobes of both lungs.

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haematuria greatly lessens the flow of albumen in chronic inter

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temporary improvement the count rising to erythrocytes

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original parasite discovered by Lewis is now named the nocturna owing

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which are deposited wherever their penetrating vapor comes in

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counted the ruled squares on the counter being neglected altogether.

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On the Chnical Significance of Postural Changes in the Blood pressures

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of experiments was undertaken. They indicated that benzene admin

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thus either one alternately should be recommended in and dur

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and is immediately withdrawn it will be found that about the

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stream is no proof of their metastasizing quality or even true

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of fremitus A ith the continued presence of increased voice or breath

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laryngismus stridulus where rickets could with certainty be excluded.

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In such cases general treatment must be energetically pushed

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punctures were frequently made there was noticed an early pleuritic

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average of eleven days both pneumonia and empyema are probably

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inflammatory signs. The exudate is usually viscid mucinous semi

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as smarting or burning of the eyes was present in cases coryza

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tion of fever of the irregular type was more frequent. The respira

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tumors containing a cheese like substance are found in the

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the body. When the pressure in the abscess becomes sufficiently

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cause should be placed upon a general alterative and tonic course

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With the trocar and catheter method the absence of pain so fre

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advise that neither rubbing nor electricity should be used so long

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from the use of hot atomized sprays of resorcin creolin benzoate

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tight enough to impede the arterial How the arm is soon emptied of

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times arsenic was given as well which vitiated the results of the

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gas requires to be carefully washed otherwise the taste of the

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The gtneral train of symptoms is as follows Tubercular

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s Tnptoms may make a positive diagnosis impossible. Naturally

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Retraction of the lower part of chest with every inspiration.

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of healthy parentage began to decline in health about IMarch

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are diseased or have been in any way rendered functionally inac

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given but it is altogether different clinically from uraemia as

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