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locity and are ejected with violent electric motion.

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flamed or fused together thoracic and abdominal glands also

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aspirating needle should be used early the points selected being

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These findings it appears to me are sufficiently characteristic

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For the diagnosis of this condition an examination of the

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remedy by a less terrorizing name glonoin or trinitrin.

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growth as a wart up to formations which may endanger life or

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of a toxic character in this way determining the specific infective

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cate the importance of l lood volume in wound hemorrhage and

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four lethal doses of a Flexner culture injected intra enously. In his

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The bowel if possible should never be permitted to remain

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serious condition with conjunctival petechia. October puru

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on cases dying from epidemic pneumonia or from the septic processes

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two after undressing for bed and washing and drying his anus

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Meningitis one pneumococcus Type IV and one pneumococcus Type I

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short discussion in the preface of tlic relation of laboratory work

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character of the diet. In general it may be said that abundance of

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of the spinal fluid showed no polymorphonuclear leukocytes or

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the role of being the source of this variety of leukaemia whilst

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intestinal or respiratory tracts. Or they may be developed in the

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with absolute certainty. That an irritant may cause definite structural

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The significance of these several conditions as factors in the produc

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and without other obvious mode of infection to the deteriorated

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degenerative change taking place as the result of spirochetal infection

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experiments on dogs show that thxTuectomies to adult animals are

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firmed the superiority of creolin over carbolic acid. Given in

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solution does dissolve the filirinous masses had been experimentally

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aspirated flowed into the bottle. The stopcock was then turned

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ward patients were cultured and everyone showed positive

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tion as a syndrome resulting from effort from any effort in fact

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