abdominal cavity was sponged out and on examination growth was found to

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exists anywhere else among the public or private libraries in this

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be found to be more neuralgic and lancinating in character as well

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and water which was speedily rejected from the stomach with

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facts which he had described. That a peculiar epidemic had broken

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whereas by excising the diseased head of the femur

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closure of the glottis caused by reflex action operating on the

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And f e inward cause ys f e secree of olde Philosopheres and

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the fact that the epithelium retains its single layer occurred in

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The articulations concerned are the shoulder the acromio

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with germs which though quite at home and harmless in


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in the nervous system in herpes labialis and nasalis occurring in pneu

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compound fracture of upper third of right humerus compound comminuted

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weeks nay even to several months. For instance Dr. Galligo

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chemistry and all the other allied branches of physic.

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i Foi.. pinges vegetables or sustenables er by cuttings oper by sedys

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Treatment. Separation of nerves from scar tissue followed by massage

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About five inches of the shaft were dissected out and

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slightly funnel shaped mass of tisstie its base anteriorly ex

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Intestinal obstruction secondary abdominal section enterostomy. Death a few hours

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menstruation was now nineteen days overdue she was pre

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case was long observed by the author there were all the symptoms

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of course pure theory but at all events it is supported

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cases the streak of solution is absent. The method of sealing

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gestion of not only the bloodvessels and sinuses of the brain and

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ing the reception into this house of such as happen to be

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man has been rescued from the jaws of death by this treatment.

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and a half long extending along the lower border of

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copy of his work could be procured for the purpose of my edition

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the inside so that its walls might be presented in a

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whos skynwe he Sate. In this maner a newe Payne he founde

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ment confit and Emplastres aftyr be ordre and be craft of

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may be tied or other means adopted for arresting the circulation in

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