form. All the usual remedies both external and intern

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lular extending towards the postmedial line. The marginal and costal

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Mix one tablespoon of white sugar to half a teacup of

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is done first exposing the fracture cutting the slots in either fragment

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iiifusion of the bruised leaves and twigs used freely has been very

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and no Government subsidy the payment to the doctor

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them and for dividing the tubes into lengths suitable for

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selected two as Masters of those practising Surgery leaving to the

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purulent infection. Air has found entrance into the axillary vein upon

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tiona of other diseases and so wo aie not justifictt in any adrcotu

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itself in the process and taxis was applied with the

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adjusted in all other respects may by pressure upon the urethra and neck

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and tenderness in one or two lower intercostal spaces. In other

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Description. This plant generally known as Wild or Indian Tobacco

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of whooping cough it is not yet clearly shown how the symptoms are

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went and from day to day yisited the cholera stricken

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compound fracture into a simple one. He recommended closing

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The disease sets in abrujjtly usually without rodromes and often

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immobilized by means of silver wire sutures or steel

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development of the swelling is comparatively slow but it attains con

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watery solutions. The symptoms are usually pruritus or those of

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observed never anaesthesia. SeideP has found the cutaneous sensibil

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musician. Fernandez a Spanish painter of the sixteenth century was a

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his opinion had given only one side of the question.

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solution or with dilute gt olutions of salicylic acid

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For the purpose of allaying the unpleasant irritating effects of

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caustic is generally sufficient and the sore should afterwards be

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may favour its appearance. Abundant milking is one so that the

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discontinued on account of its producing headache with dyspeptic

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been no legal proceedings. But why should Crawford be hunted down

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or rotation at the midtarsal articulation needed in

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acid a resin and a bitter principle. Dose In powder to 1 dr.

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strument is prepared for use by first placing it in

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thermometer shows even a slight febrile movement quinine must be given

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stances such as castor oil goose grease and tincture of cantharides. This

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the theoretical estimate now generally made of the intelligence of

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of the point remain without the cleansing advantages

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gummata and the dj strophic fibrosis due to specific

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other to toxic causes. Doctor Morris had confined his

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being thus driven violently through the mouths of the ves

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whatever the disease found within it. The first step is always complete

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roughened on the surface and the central canal had disappeared. The

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nothing very characteristic about them. His father had the disease upon the

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cose and small arteries previously invisible come into permanent Tie

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two hours after a meal when stomachal digestion being nearly completed

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be the fat which causes the trouble in another the sugar in still

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LiNTox Tuubridge Wells entered into the question of the

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about the head signs that would show congestion the contracted

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it may be solved satisfactorily when a clear idea is obtained of the

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neighbors without asking that Mrs. Q. was in the habit of

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around causing the neckyoke to jerk and bruise the shoulder.

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There is one disease however which is caught or the foundation

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haematomas from the characteristic effusions into the joints and only

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tubes in the angle of the wound it should be suffi

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at least once it reaches the rumen does not return to the

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faut and this approximately 50 per cent includes I believe only a small

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of the sterno cleido mastoid muscles to the external

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The rheumatic poison is less active in producing the cirrhotic kidney

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James S. Athon was surgeon of the third Indiana volunteer regiment

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barium sulfuricum purissimum is advised. By the aid of

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Officer. Salary 120 per annum. Applications with testimonials on or before

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En rdsum le principe typhogfene incontestable est recdld dans les couches profondes du

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Upon these coincidences what opinion is to be formed

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probably a slight incision along the edge aud a few sutures

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as the case may be. The turning movement may become so accentuated

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convictions would still hold off from a fear that there would be some

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In Meyer s first laboratory experiments with dichlorethylsulphide he

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injury to the right hip joint occurred and during its repair adduction

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The difficulty in coming to a conclusion on a subject pre

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In this connexion it may be noted that Symmers director of labora

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also grown here such as peaches plums apples straw

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recovered. Edwards of Malta published a case in The Ixincet in 1861.

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viorning in order to ensure insertion in tlie current issuo.

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salts in fibromas from the ailministration of mammary gland extract aiwl

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of membrane weiv evpi Ih d. i he ehildhirth was easy and

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Acute leukemia in childhood with report of a case L02.

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of small granules in the protoplasm of the parent cell. These

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times and the bias of present practice wheel another way

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blood was present. Hnemoglobin 20 per cent. red cells

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descending patronizing glances impartially bestowed upon the

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OOcCBrencc and great violence of those r ex paroxyaas of oou thing.

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