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affected by endarteritis and even periarteritis but with the exception of

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times a day and retained. The functions of the skin

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matism upon the tissues. This traumatism calls out an unnec

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physicians to the Senate and the House. It has been estimated that their

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muscles tends to maintain the parts in relation and to press the halves

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MIDDLERS Review of first year Anatomy Physiology Ma

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of cows or in the antlers of deer if we conjecture the age

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an atelectasis of the lung tissue. The X ray examination tends to

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Firing the crack is the next operation. Cross firing will be

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Act passed by the last session of Congress provides approximately

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of inspi.ssation of the ingesta and torpor of the bowels.

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after the punctured wound is sHghtly enlarged but before the blade

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cause nor does it occur only in women. Men are liable

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Lugol M. Essays on the Effects of Iodine in Scrofulous Dis

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nobody s business. He takes it from us for our good. In pursuit

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painful. As a matter of fact we are certain that in the

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own guilt a sufficient punishment for the wickedness I have

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same time disappearing suddenly and remaining absent often for a long timOi

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and has been in better health than for several years.

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TREATMENT. An important distinction to be drawn between cases

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region or it may develop below the pericardium. These are the two

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seryation is that the majority of doctors will go when the

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and Diday s 10 per cent. solution dangerous. He advises antisep

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ment is too feeble to ward off the spreading of pysemia. Besides

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varieties already named as well as to be in a greatly deteriorated

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tainly must take the patient sometime. Of course that work was very

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branes and the osseous system. The spleen was described as

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burns from the ignition of celluloid combs collars

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demonstrated that disease has attacked both lungs where only

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Diseases of the Skin and the Eruptive Fevers. By Jay Frank

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eminated foci they are cicatrices of large foci sometimes of wide com

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office could still be dismissed by the local authority

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omy should be selected as the more thorough and less dangerous method

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discovery of the Chalcid Nasonia brevicornis parasitic on blow flies

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serum for staphylococcus is 1 in lOO.OOO or higher in the

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evidently been conducted in a very thorough manner. We shall content

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variety of cells. Chemically the nuclein contains a large

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In pregnancy and in uterine disease patches of pig

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Albertus Magnus and most plainly Ulysses Aldrovandus

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All pathologists have agreed that there is in granular kidneys

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and the patient is seized in a moment with complete

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occurs in the gland tissue itself by reason of the penetration of

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strated the necessity of taking precautions against tuberenlosis.

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British Meilical Association feeling strongly the failure of

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lead to areas of softening which may be associated with sclerotic changes

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with a successful result. Hale reports a case of a penetrating stab wound

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interesting by M. Jules Simon. In his case a child living in

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are removed. For clinical purposes however this is not at all

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otitis media. Sherer considers his 3 cases as a small epidemic due

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indigo yellow orange and red did not occur in her weekly scheme.

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Creolin should be tried. In strong solution 30 to 100 Reul has

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of the patient is affected whether that patient be male or female.

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the fore or upper arm and occasionally into the leg. The

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alteration of the statutoi y apportionment of these con

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pLylasis and wondered to what extent the glyceriu was

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wisdom nor safety nor health in early rising in itself but

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the left ilium near its neck and extending to the cotyloid cavity also

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D Annunzio as a National Poet Dial vol. 52 April 1 1912.

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lholi tie ni de venir on France. Los princes IK ohangent ja

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What is the indispensable step which often intervenes which un

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tion of the skm acquires in its totality the structure

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in length are well seen. The upper retracted portion measuring from

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liquefied on serum the pellicle is scarcely visible.

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regard that those will be apt to divert the operation of the

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find the cervix dilated sufficiently to easily admit the

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are so satisfactory that climatotherapy should not supplant sur

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cury and well covered with cotton well saturated with a

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by the State Laboratory. In former days when whooping cough

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Dr. BOECK Christiania. Leucoderma which we call as before

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do sporadically occur in health camps after evacua

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