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ease generally commences around the mane and tail and gradually
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rolling in every direction and showing no tendency to keep
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if thry hud but m ffw nUautrti fn which to moh their
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The disease originally occurring in an extremely acute
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purating sinusitis. This seems plausible and yet we
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disease we have wrought no cures earnest though our endeavours
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tuberculosis need not be notified nor even all cases of consumption
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nicasnrcs lalcn before the hnif s are e.rlenslreh involved.
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not to bring into force the reduced dispensing fees
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expense. In regard to the former it is to be observed
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for bacteria a post mortem room and mortuary destructor
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mucous membrane and gradually acquires its complete development.
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elaborate such a scheme must necessarily take a con
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weak point in the hysterical character the lack of emotional control
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trary he says that when the piles are the seat of sphace
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effects and have proved fatal. An eighth of a grain of opium
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interesting one of the numerous wild animals as lions
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by the employment of dry cupping I think this matter sliould become the
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They all vanish of themselves on the third day when the erup
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suggests the hypodermic injection of 10 to 15 minims of the liquor
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in that way. He referred to a similar case which had
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tion are perfect and in which motion and sensation are highly de
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along the greater part of its lower attachment for by this means a
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passing blood by the rectum and there was a fair sized swelling
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In other cases the onset may be less abrupt the patient experiencing a
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owing to the greater intensities encountered appears to be probably as
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to the meeting bj ajiplication to Miss Willis. Medical
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liffy Members in those cases in which it appears to the
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as introduced by Messrs. Callender and Heath rest as advocated by
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England by Petrie Grenfell and Hunt and others and the discus
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Schliesslich ist nicht zu vergcssen dass I.aboratoriumunter
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and beating these with a hammer until they become soft pliable and
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were mado with good results. The author gives the following
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I found a globular mass in the lower portion of the
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three or four demonstrations of Bernard s superb talents an
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intestine. Here appears a cut furnished by Dr. Beck
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and if the physician recommends simply the cleansing
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Non Toxic Non Poisonous Non Irritating slightly alkaline.
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